Grow your business with Homezini Referrals

Homezini - Find a realtor near you

We qualify each referral before we send them to you

Homezini - Find a realtor near you

25% Referral Fee. No hidden fees!

Homezini - Find a realtor near you

Simplify Onboarding New Clients & Boost Your Business!

What can Homezini do for Real Estate Agents?

Homezini is a great way for Real Estate Agents to showcase their skills & proven performance online to help generate additional business. The market has changed demanding more information & transparency. Homezini is a tool for consumers to find the right real estate agent for their needs, and it’s a way for agents to demonstrate their professionalism & proven performance.

How does it work?

When we have clients that are a good match for you, our team will reach out to connect you. If we refer you to a client, it is critical that you call them right away and keep us updated on your progress so that we know they have a good experience (we follow up with our clients to ensure an excellence experience). 

What does it cost?

Homezini is absolutely free aside from a 25% broker-to-broker referral fee if and when you close business that’s sourced from us.

Can I pay to boost my Homezini ranking?

Absolutely not. We promise our clients transparency. Since broker-to-broker fees are standard in the industry, and since virtually all agents are willing to work with us on these terms, we can maintain unbiased objectivity to our clients.

How many leads should I expect?

Customers come to our site specifically because they are looking to work with a top local expert. Our team qualifies almost every client that we refer to our agent partners. As a result, you can expect fewer leads from Homezini vs. Zillow/Trulia,, etc. However the clients we refer are serious buyers and sellers and these referrals have a very high close rate. Your success is our success!

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