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What is a Homezini Home Value Estimate?

Our Homezini Value Estimate is simply a sophisticated computerized analysis of your property’s value. We partnered with the leading valuatiuon provider who is made up of over 50 Economists, PhDs, modelers, and appraisers. Their system is used by 18 of the Top 20 Lenders on WallStreet, so we know it's good!

Insight to the Valuation Magic

Our valuation partner utilizes the latest property sales and financing transactions, tax ownership, assessment roles, and property characteristic data. This constantly updated data delivers up-to-date comparable sales and the lastest tax assessment information.

It's Not Perfect, but close!

Our estimate is not an official appraisal of your home. Appraisals require a trained professional to visit your home to determine what it uniquely has to offer. Have you recently remodeled? New cabinets, countertops, floors, paint? Extra touches or upgrades certainly add value that we can’t account for without having a licensed professional visit your home.

First Steps to Selling Your Home

Home Value Estimate

Home Value Estimate

Having an idea of your home's value is invaluable when you're getting ready to sell your home. Along with a top real estate agent, you can maximize your home sale

Weigh Your Options

Weigh Your Options

Thinking of selling? Knowing your home's estimated value and activity in your area can help you know if now is the right time to contact a real estate agent

Closing Confidence

Closing Confidence

The more you know, the more confident you can be when accepting an offer. Sell your home with confidence!

Market Knowledge

Market Knowledge

Get insight into the market your home will be listed in with the latest transactions for your city

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How Our Home Value Estimator Works

Our online valuation tool analyzes the most recent transaction activity in your specific area. We use the industry's top provider to Wall Street to provide our value estimates so we know it's the best.

Local agents can physically visit the property and they list properties like yours everyday. They know the neighborhoods, understand the local market conditions, and can identify any unique characteristics of your property.

Online Tools Top Agents

Public Data

Analyze tax records and assessments with other data sources

Recent Sales History

Compare the lates sales data & trends

Comparable Market Analysis

Review sales of similar property sales & how it impacts your value

Knowledge of the Area

Local Schools, Jobs, Restaraunts, and Parks all come into play

Property Characteristics & Condition

A property inspection is done to note any problems or home improvements that may affect the value

Local Market Conditions

Routinely working the same neighborhoods gives agents the advantage on local trends

Buyer Preference

Agents reguarly work with buyers and learn the local housing tastes & trends

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The estimated property values are not warranted. The values do not include a physical or visual inspection of the subject property or an analysis of current market conditions by a licensed or certified appraiser. The values do not constitute an appraisal of any subject property. User shall not use the values in lieu of an appraisal by a licensed or certified appraiser or as a basis for making any financial decision.